SEC Championship Game Time

1 12 2009

Finally, here it is, the week of the 2009 SEC Championship game. Once again it’s the Florida Gators Vs the Alabama Crimson Tide. Since its creation in 1992, Florida has made 9 appearances and Alabama has made 6. Every time that Alabama has made it to the SEC championship they have been met by Florida. Florida leads the series 4-2 including Florida’s 31-20 win over Alabama just last year. Anyone who follows the SEC, or just either one of these teams, knows that when it comes to a game with this much at stake (just in case you’ve been living off where no sports media can reach you,  this is pretty much the semi-finals for the National Championship). Florida is looking for their quarterback Tim Tebow (2,166 passing yards and 796 rushing yards) and receiver Riley Cooper (703 reception yards) to lead Florida to a 2nd Straight National Championship. Alabama has some expectations from their leading players too. Alabama’s quarterback Greg McElroy (2,211 passing yards), Mark Ingram (1,429 yards rushing) and Julio Jones (545 receiving yards) are expected to lead the team to their first National Championship title since 1992. Alabama stands with the better offense, but statistically, Florida has the better Defense. Florida has only allowed 233.1 yards per game on defense, holding their opponent to only 9.8 yards per game. Alabama isn’t far behind with only 234.1 yards of defense allowed per game and only 10.8 points allowed per game. The game will take place on Saturday December 5th 2009 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta at 3:00 P.M. CST.


SEC championship game

8 11 2009

With their 24 to 15 win over LSU (thanks to my dad for wearing his pink Alabama shirt to ensure the win) last night, Alabama clenched the SEC West division guaranteeing them a seat in the 2009 SEC championship game and a chance to directly prove that they are a better team then Florida. Even though this was a great victory and will probably place the Crimson Tide in a key position, I wouldn’t spend more then 24 hours on this win. Next week Alabama rolls over to Mississippi St. to meet the bulldogs on the grid iron in what will probably be a good game. Miss St. is currently sitting at 4-5 (2-3 in the SEC) so they will be head hunting for their next big win. On down the road just past the bulldogs Alabama is in line for Chattanooga at home on the 21st of November. I know very little about this team, but I’m willing to bet that they are not just going to sit back and let Alabama trample all over them when they roll into T-town. Alabama will finish off their season on the 24th of November against their interstate rivals Auburn. The rivalry runs so deep here that for a period of time during the early parts of this rivalry that the teams did not play each other. It took a request from the Alabama House of Representatives to get the rivalry renewed. If Alabama and Auburn were both 0 – 11 going into this game, both teams would still play like this game determined who was getting a shot at the national title. Once again, though, the road to Pasadena will take the Tide through many towns like, Starkville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Atlanta with many tough teams at those destinations more then happy to knock the Crimson Tide off their path for number vs uf sec champ