Nexus One: The iPhone Killer

2 01 2010

With its thin design and large touch screen, The Google Nexus One is definitely a physical iPhone killer. The Nexus One is fast and responsive and…Forget it; I’m tired of all this “iPhone Killer” crap. The Nexus One is a great phone from what’s been released about it. My problem here is everyone is jumping in saying “oh this is the phone to finally dethrone the iPhone” No its not. It wasn’t designed to be. While the phone is a great alternative to the iPhone, I doubt it was ever intended to put its competitor into the dark ages. 2 things made the iPhone what it is today. The first is the innovation with the apps. Even though Google does it better with their market, Apple did it first and most people feel if what I have now is working right, why try something else I’m not so sure of? The second is Fanboy/Brand Loyalty/”The Thing”. Because this phone has an apple on the back of it, people flock to it for one of 3 reasons. 1) They’re a “Fan Boy” that person who you’re sure that if you used the bathroom in their house you would find Apple branded toilet paper. 2) Those who find loyalty to a brand. They have an iMac or a Mac Book and are really happy with the product they have there and expect that Apple will do the same with their phone. 3) The people who need to be socially accepted. Right now the iPhone is the socially accepted phone. Those people who are really concerned about what everyone else thinks about them definitely have an iPhone (and I’m Willing to bet money that they left a better service plan to get it).

To make a true iPhone killer, Google would have to follow in the way of Apple. When apple started off with the iPhone, they had no ties what so ever to the phone industry. If this product failed it wasn’t really a big deal, just lost some money off of our Mac enterprise.  Google would have to take a chunk out of its search pockets (and we all know how deep those pockets are) and develop a phone similar to the Nexus one (from what I’ve seen of this phone, its powerful and capable of just about anything any other phone on the market can do) but implement every feature on the iPhone (at least all the ones it could offer without violating copyrights, then finding ways to offer something similar) On top of that it would have to be unlocked so as it could work on any companies network. Google would also have to offer a CDMA version for those who are on Sprint and Verizon. The problem with this is it would alienate Google’s Android partners. Because of these ties, I say, at least for now, stop looking to Google for an iPhone killer.


Google Phone Hype

18 11 2009

Normally I dont play with topics that have to do with basically pure speculation (the guy claims he has a reliable source but you know how those tend to work out). The claim (which can be found in this article on the Apple Insider Website (Odd since this is going to be another iPhone Killer) Link to Apple Insider page) is that Google is going to put out a cell phone to compliment their Android operating system some time in 2010. Now since this has pretty much been the rumor since the Android concept came about, I’m not surprised that it came up again. The speculation in this article is a little more believable to me though. The guy quoted claims that Google will be using another company, most likely LG or Samsung, to actually manufacture the phone, but Google will be dictating all of the actual features. They also continue to claim that Google with be heavily advertising this phone at the beginning of next year, even though they have no idea what so ever about any of the features that the phone will offer. I gotta say, even though this report is more believable then the rest, I’m still having doubts about this happening. Google has made deals with Samsung, HTC, and Motorola distributing its operating system to all these handheld devices. It would not be smart to step in to competition with your only allies in the field. Here is where I jump to the other side of the fence. Apple has been so big with their iPhone because they control so many aspects of the phone. They know it inside and out and have control of both hardware and software, allowing them to be sure of problems that may arise. This would be a good move to hit the iPhone hard, but you would be hurting yourself in the process. I can buy a phone down the road by Google showing the world what Google really thinks cell phones should be (just like they did with e-mail and Google Wave) but I just dont see it happening this soon.