New News

14 02 2010

I have paying for a hosting service for some time now and have been using it for next to nothing. Recently, i discovered that the domain name that i had been using for this hosting service had been pulled out from under me ( sad i know that a man would let his domain get taken, but i move on) so i decided to put a new domain to the hosting service and open it up to a wider audience. One thing im proud of is being from Alabama. I take pride in my region and Love the SEC (yes even auburn when they’re playing against someone out of conference lol) The south to me is beautiful and preserved, while still keeping up with the times (my God we have nasa here, doesnt that say something) so i titled the new domain The Southland (see: In part of opening this up to the public, that means i want more people writing for the site then just me and Dredimus so im looking for people to write about just about anything that their heart desires. Keep in mind though that this will not be your platform to say whatever it is you want to say about anything, as i have limits to what I will let go under my name, but i like to think that im pretty liberal when it comes to someone speaking their mind and will let something completely political and factless go from time to time just to stir up some comments 😉 If your interested, drop an email to me telling me a lil about yourself and why your interested in the position. Im sure most people will atleast get to contribute stories, some might even get their own publishing abilities. Send in your requests to