23 01 2010

so, Im sitting here reading over a specific forum i visit, replying to a comment about France attempting to tax Google when someone in France clicks on one of their ads and i happen to look down and see the Google ad at the bottom of the page.  I know this doesnt fall under the normal catagories of what we do here, but i just had to share. Everyone should know by now that Google tends to do its advertisement based on the information of the page its being displayed on. This page is talking about the key words: FRANCE TAX and GOOGLE. Here’s a screenshot of the ad


Avatar: Life gone too far?

10 01 2010

Since the 18th of December, James Cameron’s Avatar has drawn in a great following. As of this past Friday (Jan 8, 2009) this movie has drawn $393.8 million in the US, putting it on path to surpass Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for highest grossing film in 2009.  The following of this movie and its created civilizations resemble that of the followings of Star Trek and Star Wars. After watching this movie in 3D (because that’s the only way this movie should be watched) I found myself coming out of the theaters contemplating when I would return to the theater to watch this film again (yes it’s that good). Having been exposed to the movie and the different things found inside, such as the Navi of Pandora, I began to see things on the internet that surprised me. The first of these things that really stood out to me was a make-up guide on Youtube depicting how you could make yourself look like a Navi. Ok this was cute, you know, something to use for a dress up party or whatever. The next thing that got to me was a website dedicated to learning the Navi language. This began to make me worry about these people who are so dedicated to this movie (that has been out for less then a month) that they are willing to learn the fictional language used in it, but, Star Trek fans speak Klingon, so I let this one slide off too. The final thing that got me, and I mean this one really brought a WTF?!? from me; A forum dedicated to offering support to those who are having trouble coping with the fact that Pandora is a fictional planet and that they will never be Navi’s themselves. Have we become so soft-minded that we allow ourselves to get depressed because something that never really existed does not exist? Personally I’ve never agreed with the “I did it because of <insert video game/movie here>” excuse, but with this latest obsession with the Navi and Pandora, I’m starting to believe that we have managed to produce a generation of people who’s upbringing did not install that wall which divides fiction from reality like we have generations before. If you have yet to see this movie, I recommend that you do go see it, but keep in mind IT’S NOT A REAL WORLD AND THEY ARE NOT A REAL RACE AND ITS ALL FICTION AND NOT REAL. If you get to feeling down because your don’t live on Pandora, remember, it’s not really all that bad, you live on a planet that allows you to visit Pandora any time you want (as long as its during the scheduled showing and you got your 3D glasses) and when things get a little hairy there, you can always come back.