Microsoft Pulls out on McFarlane Special

27 10 2009

windows-7-logoGet this, Microsoft, who was sponsoring a Seth McFarlane and Alex Borstein special, pulled out of the deal due to the potentially offensive choice of comedy. Who didn’t see this coming? The original idea was for Microsoft to pay for the special to be commercial free, but to have various subtle hints at Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system which was released this past week. After hearing jokes about the deaf, the Holocaust, and incest, (has anyone at Redmond ever watched an episode of Family Guy?) Microsoft decided that the show “was not a fit with the Windows brand”.  Who did not question this from the word go? With this you have 2 options; Microsoft partnering up with one of the most offensive duos in animated comedy, or them to bail out. With the way Microsoft has been concerned with their public image lately, I was completely shocked to see this partnership.  Fox still plans to air the special on November 8th with a yet-to-be named sponsor taking over for Microsoft