Tebow’s Tears

8 12 2009

Never, have I ever intended to write an article solely about a Florida Gator player, much less Tim Tebow, but after reading a comment on huffingtonpost.com (link found here ) I felt inspired to put my two cents in. Normally I would just throw in my reply to their comment, but I want to be sure that everyone sees in a more up front manner what I think about the situation. The first thing I’m going to address is the Bible verse on Tebow’s black eye. It’s just the book and verse number, it’s not like he’s reciting the verse to you. You actually have to go pick up a Bible and flip to that page to even see what it says. It’s not being forced on you, stop wining. Now let us move on to the main topic.

 Machiventa68 says:

“When Tebow started crying at the very end of the game against Alabama, I was dismayed by his emotional immaturity. Tebow is one of the most famous college athletes of all time, but his lack of self-control was infantile. Alabama dominated Florida from the first play of the game and outplayed them for all four quarters. Tebow should have understood he was going down to defeat long before he started sobbing on the bench. Losing gracefully is part of being a first class athlete.”

I agree with this person on one aspect of this quote; that Alabama dominated Florida from the first play of the game and outplayed them for all four quarters, other than that I find that this person has no experience with playing in a sport where you’re limited by time. There was no doubt in my mind that Tebow was a world-class athlete and after his words at the end of the game, he only confirmed what I already knew was true. Tim Tebow plays for a team that everyone in the nation knew was capable of repeating a National Title. As a senior you have no greater wish in athletics than grasp this title. This is considered the ultimate way to go out. Tebow, being the man that he is, felt it was his responsibility to get the Gators to that game. The SEC Championship block killed his hopes and dreams while also possibly making him feel like he let down not only his team but all the Florida fans as well. I know if I were in his place, and all that pressure was on my shoulders, I would come to tears as well. All Tebow did was show emotion. He was saddened by not only the loss of a single game, but the true end of his season (He has a bowl game left but it will not be remembered in a week barring something amazing/horrid happening). If he had been bawling his eyes out and sobbing like an infant, I would be with everyone making fun of him, but he did not. Only a few tears rolled down his cheeks showing how emotional the game really was to him. Sure people tell jokes, and some are funny, some are horrible, but deep down, everyone repeating these knows deep down the real reasoning and has some sort of respect for that. For those who criticize him and call it an act of infancy, please step back and look at how little class you have before you begin to say something about someone with so much more class yourself.