$99 + Netflix subscription = Movie Bliss

26 10 2009

Today with the announcement of the PS3 being able to stream netflix next month, Best Buy’s brand bluray dvd player, Isignia, took a price cut to $99 (The NS-BRDVD3. Another model exhists (NS-WBRDVD) Which costs about $50 more but allows for wireless connection). This will require a firmware upgrade to the DVD player to use the streaming feature.

In other Bluray news, the Playstation 3 next month (November) will carry the abillity to stream movie and tv episode choices through this entertainment system. Previously, this was only available on the xbox 360 system with a gold status xbox live membership. Unlike the 360, the ps3 will initially require a disk from netflix (i belive you can order one from http://www.netflix.com/ps3) to stream the video until an in system application is made available. This could finally draw the line between 360 and ps3 sales