23 01 2010

so, Im sitting here reading over a specific forum i visit, replying to a comment about France attempting to tax Google when someone in France clicks on one of their ads and i happen to look down and see the Google ad at the bottom of the page.  I know this doesnt fall under the normal catagories of what we do here, but i just had to share. Everyone should know by now that Google tends to do its advertisement based on the information of the page its being displayed on. This page is talking about the key words: FRANCE TAX and GOOGLE. Here’s a screenshot of the ad


Avatar: Life gone too far?

10 01 2010

Since the 18th of December, James Cameron’s Avatar has drawn in a great following. As of this past Friday (Jan 8, 2009) this movie has drawn $393.8 million in the US, putting it on path to surpass Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for highest grossing film in 2009.  The following of this movie and its created civilizations resemble that of the followings of Star Trek and Star Wars. After watching this movie in 3D (because that’s the only way this movie should be watched) I found myself coming out of the theaters contemplating when I would return to the theater to watch this film again (yes it’s that good). Having been exposed to the movie and the different things found inside, such as the Navi of Pandora, I began to see things on the internet that surprised me. The first of these things that really stood out to me was a make-up guide on Youtube depicting how you could make yourself look like a Navi. Ok this was cute, you know, something to use for a dress up party or whatever. The next thing that got to me was a website dedicated to learning the Navi language. This began to make me worry about these people who are so dedicated to this movie (that has been out for less then a month) that they are willing to learn the fictional language used in it, but, Star Trek fans speak Klingon, so I let this one slide off too. The final thing that got me, and I mean this one really brought a WTF?!? from me; A forum dedicated to offering support to those who are having trouble coping with the fact that Pandora is a fictional planet and that they will never be Navi’s themselves. Have we become so soft-minded that we allow ourselves to get depressed because something that never really existed does not exist? Personally I’ve never agreed with the “I did it because of <insert video game/movie here>” excuse, but with this latest obsession with the Navi and Pandora, I’m starting to believe that we have managed to produce a generation of people who’s upbringing did not install that wall which divides fiction from reality like we have generations before. If you have yet to see this movie, I recommend that you do go see it, but keep in mind IT’S NOT A REAL WORLD AND THEY ARE NOT A REAL RACE AND ITS ALL FICTION AND NOT REAL. If you get to feeling down because your don’t live on Pandora, remember, it’s not really all that bad, you live on a planet that allows you to visit Pandora any time you want (as long as its during the scheduled showing and you got your 3D glasses) and when things get a little hairy there, you can always come back.


28 11 2009

Some how, my dad talked me into going with him to Toys R Us at the midnight opening on Black Friday. We left the house at about 11:30 and arrived at the store parking lot just after 11:45. It was hectic just getting around to the actual parking spaces, but we managed. Dad let me and my girlfriend out to go ahead and secure a place in line. All was looking good when we realized our spot in line was only about 100 feet from the door. Midnight rolls around and the line starts moving. Everything is looking good until we get close to the door. We then find out that the line we are in goes past the door, around the side of the building, into the Toys R Us parking lot, past the back side of Beauregard’s, all the way to the Starbucks then raps back along the previous path back to the door. Here is where I started to question if there would be items left on the shelf by the time I got in.  So the line slowly moves. Now the time is about 12:30 and we’re barely passed the u-turn at Starbucks ( oh could they have made a killing, 38 degree weather with people standing in line outside). Now the store is at its capacity, so they have to wait for people to come out of the building before they can allow more people in. By 12:45 I’ve only made it to the Joes Mugs Coffee Shop patio outside Books-A-Million. The line continues to slowly move until shortly after 1:00 in the morning, I finally make it thought the sliding door into the building. The heat hits my face and I rejoice, so happy to be warm once again until I open my eyes to see just how many people are in this building. Now I’m debating on whether I really want to deal with this or just go hang back in the cold (trust me the cold looked a lot better). Since we had not been in Toys R Us in I don’t know how long, any relative knowledge of where the stuff we were looking for did not exist. After running around and squeezing through holes I did not even realize I was capable of squeezing through, we finally got the 3 items in which we were looking for. On now we go to the checkout line. It turns out that the checkout line ran down one isle around another and back up another isle parallel to the original isle. While I am standing in line with my girlfriend and these 3 decently sized items, I get hit on the butt. Being as packed as it was, I just brushed it off. Shortly after that I was hit two or three more times. Now I was curious as to the cause, once or twice is an accident but 4 and 5 times gets you wondering. I turn around to find a woman balancing like 10 items on top of a longer item that she is holding in both hands like a two by four. While standing in this line, I did like most people in today’s modern society would do. I Hit Facebook. I found out while posting on Facebook that one of my friends was working at this Toys R Us. While talking to him I asked if he could get a hold of a buggy for me. This woman behind me was having an awfully hard time and had even more shopping to do. I went to look for the doors my friend told me to meet him at, only to find that they were blocked off by another line to get to the electronics section of the store.  I find out after a quick post that he’s now moved to the front. I head around to the front before the cashiers looking for my friend so I can get this woman a cart. A manager steps in front of me and tells me I cut in line and need to turn back (I have nothing what so ever in my hands so I find it hard pressed to say that I was cutting, rather then, I don’t know, looking for someone). So being that I had the card I turned away instead of picking the battle like my instincts told me to do. This time I went around to the exit of the store, where my friend just happened to be unloading items. I go to speak to him about getting a buggy and the same manager interjects himself telling me and my friend that he needs to get to work unloading these boxes and that I was slowing him down (never mind the fact that my friend had not missed a beat on unloading since I had arrived). This time my temper rose a little. This man was literally stopping me from helping out one of HIS customers. Words came to my lips, but I bit my tongue because I still had the card and the last thing I needed was to be removed from the store for making a scene. I rejoined my girlfriend where shortly after my arrival, we checked out at 2:00. Upon review with my dad, we discovered that we had been over charged on two of the three items. Once again we referred to the Toys R Us add from the paper to be sure we did grab the right item. Upon further review, we found that those two items didn’t officially go on sale until 5:00 that morning.  This lack of respect or concern for their customers tied in with their cheap gimmicks to get people to stand in line for hours for sales that don’t exist has convinced me that I have no reason what so ever to do business with Toys R Us any more.

Here’s a map to give those of you who dont know the area an idea of what I went through. Where the red line starts on the left is where I first got in line. Exuse the map as it seems to be a little old. Starbucks had not been built at the time of this snap-shot.

Bad Day? Heh, I dont think so…

24 11 2009

Dred Again… So you woke up this morning, maybe running a little late… maybe you spilled your coffee on the way to work or had a flat tire… maybe you are just tired of hearing your boss bitch about things at random and you are fed up with life… lets put this poop into perspective. This post is all about those people who REALLY ARE having a bad day… lets start with this guy….

Matthew Roberts (41) of Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Roberts has known for some time that he was adopted… and decided to create a new life memory by tracking down his birth mother. Mr. Roberts was successful in doing so, which I’m sure made him just about the happiest man on earth… but, he couldn’t leave it there… he had to ask questions… had to have answers… so what does he ask first? “Whose My Daddy?”  BAD QUESTION Matt… you shoulda just hugged ya mom and let it go man, you were a product of the 60’s… questions about that era never, ever have a good answer…

 Ladies and Gents Meet Mr. Matthew Roberts Manson

On to the next one… Natalie Blanchard (29) of Canada…

 Miss Blanchard here filed for disability benefits over a year ago due to some form of depression… in her case it apparently made her unable to function in daily life… BUT… Her insurance company thinks differently, thats why her payments completely stopped… but why did the insurance company do this…? FACEBOOK… gotta love social networking… Just a hint people… if you are gonna claim complete and severe depression… don’t post bikini and party pictures from the chip and dale’s strip club on your Facebook…


And then theres Larry Whitfield (21) of North Carolina…

 Mr. Whitfield… you are going to prison… for what you ask? Why Playing a prank on your grandmother you fool!

Click here to read the story on this tool of a guy…

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be arrested for NOT using Twitter at work? Well, ask Mr. James Roppo here… he can fill you in on the ugly details….

 I’m Goin To Jail Fer Whut? Fo Rizzle?

So remember boys and girls, chin up, and if that doesnt work… have a coke and a smile and… well you know the rest…


21 11 2009

Okay, yes, I know I am just over an hour early, but honestly you didn’t offer to drink with me tonight, so I dont have poop else to do so I thought I would sling out a late night post in honor of our glorious host, the one, the only, the Sailor Moon/TMNT halfbreed himself… FOXX. As most of you may or may not know, Foxx will be celebrating his birthday starting at 0001 CST. Which leaves him exactly 23 hours and 59 minutes to do anything he wants… cause as you may or may not know, you cant go to jail on your birthday, its a federal holiday… am I right or what…. oh… Im not…. well it should be.. damnit. ok, I will leave you with this lovely quote good cousin…

“Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.”

Happy Vets Day (thanks GW)

11 11 2009

I wanted to do a post today to celebrate and thank those who have served in our military, and those who are currently serving. All day I’ve had different ideas of how I wanted to go about it. Some of them were so elaborate and stretched out it seemed more like a ploy to get people to look at my site rather then to truly thank those who put everything on the line just so we can continue to have the government we all bitch about today. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve had thoughts that were so simple that I felt it wasn’t doing justice to how I felt. While checking my email and the news through my iGoogle page, I noticed that the Geekologie Writer had put out a new post since my last check titled “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE: Happy Veterans Day”. Looking at it I found the satisfaction that I was looking for in my own post. 3 lines and an image is all there, but he says what he really feels, so I say thanks to GW for helping me realize t hat it doesn’t really matter how elaborate or simple the post is; the idea is to give thanks for those doing for the many what not everyone is capable of doing.


Triple Article Wednesday

4 11 2009

I wanted to be sure to get an article in today about something, especially since I was really urging to post yesterday but nothing really crossed my desk that I felt was worthy of sharing with all my loyal readers. Today, when I first checked my sources, I found two topics that just popped right off that I had to write about. The third came not too long ago while re-checking my sources and what have you. So without further ado, I give you, Triple Article Wednesday.


            RIAA and the Performance “tax”

This story actually was brought to me by a radio ad telling me I need to know more about the “performance tax”. After some light research on the subject (yeah like I’m really gonna research hard core. Just the facts Ma’am) I found that this bill? (I’m not sure what to call it, its up for discussion on capital hill so in honor of the song… I’ll call it a bill) is to get radio stations to pay a tax, or royalty, or fee for playing copyrighted music. (Writers note: I just spent hours looking deeper into this and ended up writing my rep and senators so pace may change here). This idea is Ludicrous (haha like that, how I used a recording artists name to get my point across). The only thing that this would do aside bring even more money to the RIAA is reduce either the amount of music we hear on the radio (i.e. some radio stations may stop playing music all together) or reduce the amount of other things we hear about (i.e. traffic, sports) to get the most for their money. I myself like to know that I’m about to roll up on the biggest wreck ever known to man so I can make that attempt to avoid that nightmare. Its worked so long for 80 years, why change it now?


Artist’s side/argument:

Radio’s side/argument:


            ATT Sues Verizon

My next story is about the lawsuit that ATT has on Verizon. The “There’s a map for that” commercial seems to have burnt ATT so hard that they felt they need to take it to court to get the ad pulled from the airwaves. ATT argues that this commercial leads to the false impression that outside of the blue area on ATT’s map, there is no coverage what so ever.




Based on what I see.. and the fact that it states 3G coverage.. and they are using the brands color to blot the map.. I would assume that the white areas are non 3G coverage. I mean come on, I’m not going to go on an ad frenzy to show off a map that shows I got areas that don’t have coverage regardless of if its less then the other map or not. Be the judge for yourself though.


            Verizon Early Termination Fees

In my final story, we turn right back to Verizon, who, for contracts beginning or after November 15th 2009, will be charging up to $350 per line for early contract termination fees on “advanced devices”. Verizon does pro rate the ETF by $10 per month, but if you stay on your contract for 23 months that’s still $120 left to pay (that’s only $55 difference from the previous full charge). All I can say is I’m glad I stopped doing business with this company, even though I’m sure that everyone else is going to follow suit until the FCC steps in.